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Nevada Criminal Law
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Nevada Criminal Lawyers
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Nevada Criminal Law Office

1. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 241A
    "A member of the Council who vacates his public office continues to serve on the ... (2) His understanding of criminal law, evidence and the rules and ..."
2. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 169
    "This title may be known and cited as the Nevada Criminal Procedure Law. (Added to NRS by 1967, 1398). NRS 169.025 Scope. 1. This title governs the procedure ..."
3. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 205
    "A district attorney may create within his office a program for restitution for persons referred to the district attorney by a law enforcement officer who ..."
4. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 607
    "If admitted to the practice of law in the State of Nevada, the Deputy has ... the Attorney General shall prosecute all criminal violations of law that are ..."
5. Nevada Legislature Bill Draft Request List of the 73rd Session
    "Consolidates the offices of State Treasurer and State Controller. 6/25/2004. 15--188 SB75, Criminal Justice System in Rural Nevada and Transitional Housing ..."
6. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 630A
    "Any appropriate criminal prosecution by the Attorney General or a district ... Before entering upon the duties of his office, each member of the Nevada ..."
7. Senate Resolution No. 4--Committee on Legislative Af fairs and ...
    "... General of the State of Nevada filed a civil "Complaint for Removal from Office" ... it is clear that a state law presuming to provide for the criminal ..."
8. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 480
    "To maintain the Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal ... (c) “Local law enforcement agency” means:. (1) The sheriff’s office of a county; ..."
9. Supplement Template
    "Special Proceedings of a Criminal Nature; Sealing Records of Criminal Proceedings; Rewards; ... Advisory Board for Nevada Task Force for Technological Crime ..."
10. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 179B
    "NRS 179B.200 Establishment of registry; contents; search of registry by law enforcement officer; access by other persons; contents deemed record of criminal ..."

Nevada Criminal Law Office

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Nevada Criminal Law Office

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